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My first month in London março 21, 2010

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It is hard to imagine, but already passed one month that I arrived here in London. This sounds to me more time than just 30 days. I’ve already moved from my residence student, I´ve met wonderful person like Carol, Naveem, Marta, Renata, Cristina…

Now I am living in a house with more nine Brazilians: five girls and  five boys. Everybody is so different, it is so strange because we have the same purpose, but with personalities completely different.

Actually, I even know what my real purpose here is. This is a big challenge, and I am so excited… Furthermore,  living in a house with more nine different people, you can learn how to practice more tolerance, respect and, maybe, be a better person.

Another important point is…job. This is my new goal now. I have two good news to tell you, guys: first, I am working to a journalist from BBC as a volunteer. Her name is Rita Payne and she organizes some events about social subjects and journalism. This is so cool! I am so thankful for this. =)

Second, yesterday I worked giving some leaflets on the street. It was a curious experience for me because in Brazil I would never thought working this way. I confess that my first reaction was – I hated this. I hated so much that per a moment I started to cry on the street. But now, thinking more about this, I thing It was not so terrible as I’ve described above. So, next week, I will work again. 😛

Today I visit Candem Town. Ow my God! I wish you guys were here with me! All my friends… So the first one that visits me here already knows – our first stop will be Candem Town.  So, I am waiting for you 😉

PS: If you read a terrible mistake because my Tupiniquim English, feel free to correct me, ok?! 🙂