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Our first text in English… março 4, 2010

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… We’ve never forgotten 🙂

All the time I am trying to write something in English. The main problem is I need to think so much to tell anything that it gets me tired and lazed.  Anyway, I will tell you some important things that happened with me in those last days:

–          The worst PMS in all my life – seriously, you couldn´t recognized me… One day I was euphoric with my new life, in another, I wanted kill myself.

–          My roommate arrived!! She is from Barcelona and very cool… We are spending a lot of time at night speaking bad about English guys. It is nice have someone familiar in the same room.

–           The conversation class and general English courses have finished. I loved my two teachers (Paul and Simon). They were kind and helpful all the time. Paul helped me with my CV and It was really, really, really great!! And Simon  showed us where Mick (Jagger) and David (Bowie) lived in the past… It was very exciting.

–          The IELTS preparatory have started. The new teacher is a kind of “ listening machine” . He speaks fast and this is really good for me.  He is very polite and I’ve really liked him.

–          In the next weeks I really need to find a place to live and a job. I am very worried about these two points.

The reason I write in topic is because I don’t know how to use CONNECTOR words yet, ok?! But don’t worry, the things will be better 😀 One day I will be able to write about philosophy and history… One day….

Well, I miss everybody…

Agora imagina eu, que falo mais do que o homem da cobra, tendo que pensar exatamente no que vou falar… Esse está sendo um bom exercício para – “Pensar antes de falar qualquer coisa”.

Assim que arrumar um emprego e lugar pra morar, não necessariamente nesta ordem, eu conto mais, prometo!!